BENew™ Protein Shake (Vanilla)

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proteinshakeWhether you want to slim down or lean up, the BENew™ Protein Shake is a healthy meal substitute that will propel you toward your goal. Protein is essential for the development of lean body mass, which supports greater calorie burn within the body, however many people consume far less than the recommended daily protein intake of 46-56 grams.*1

Consuming high-quality, complete protein with each meal is a critical component of healthy weight loss as protein keeps you feeling fuller over a longer period of time reducing the urge to grab for quick, likely unhealthy snacks to satisfy frequent hunger cravings. Replacing one meal a day with a BENew Protein Shake provides 17 grams of high-quality whey and pea protein isolate, healthy fiber and vitamins and minerals to keep you feeling great without feeling hungry.

The ingredients in BENew Protein Shake promote and support*:

  • Healthy metabolism activity
  • Reduced hunger cravings and healthier eating habits
  • Increased energy
  • Building and repair of muscle tissue

BENew Protein Shake comes in a creamy vanilla flavor that tastes great when mixed with water, milk, dairy alternatives, or within one of our delicious BENew smoothie recipes.


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