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Montmorillonite clay is a green clay naturally derived from the earth. It is a very soft phyllosilicate mineral that forms into clay. Clay has been used for centuries for its beautifying and skin-healing properties. The clay has the ability to draw out toxins from under the skin once applied. In addition the clay is a nutritive wonder, containing more than 67 minerals, including calcium, iron, potassium, silica, manganese, magnesium, and trace and ultra-trace minerals. By drawing out toxins and imparting a list of minerals to the skin, clay's beautifying properties are unmatched. It is also known for its bone strengthening properties.

Fennel seed has wonderful healing properties for the entire digestive tract. It has been used to stimulate the appetite; ease digestion; and soothe and reduce intestinal spasms, making it useful in cases of diarrhea. It also has diuretic properties, and thus can help reduce fluid retention.

Bladder wrack is a common brown sea vegetable that nestles upon rocks in colonies. Bladder wrack may also form mats of floating seaweed when torn from rocks during storms and wash ashore onto nearby beaches.

Bladder wrack has been used to assist in weight loss by nourishing the thyroid.

Psyllium seed is an excellent source of soluble fiber. They are small, dull-colored seeds that when placed in water, they swell to 14 times their normal size. Psyllium seed has been used in Europe to treat intestinal conditions, such as constipation, for hundreds of years. Because of its ability to absorb water, psyllium is an excellent bulking agent, and can assist in cleansing the entire lower bowel and aid in the absorption of bowel toxins.

The psyllium used in Intestinal Tone is the highest grade available. Specifically, it is Pharmaceutical Grade, meeting the strict standards of the United States Pharmacopoeia (USP). To achieve USP, every lot of psyllium (20 percent seeds plus 80 percent husks) must achieve USP quality standards for elements such as purity (no foreign seeds, materials or substances) and safety. Since seeds can be easily contaminated, the USP grade guarantees the product to be free of microbiological hazards (e.g., pathogen bacteria such as E. coli, salmonella, listeria, etc.). Our product is 100-percentpure psyllium.