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Activated charcoal is a form of porous, processed carbon that is used to absorb chemicals and other substances. When taken orally, it has the capacity to absorb toxins, chemicals, and other substances from the gastrointestinal tract. Our activated charcoal is created by super heating coconut shells until they explode like popcorn. This creates particles, which yield greater capacity to absorb. They are then ground into finer particles.

Yerba Mate provides a powerful energy boost without the harmful side effects of many other energy enhancing compounds like caffeine. Yerba Mate provides sustained, focused energy without jitteriness, helps eliminate fatigue, stimulates mental clarity and has thermogenic properties. It also provides an abundance of vitamins, including Vitamin A, C, E, B1, B2, B5, as well as minerals such as Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, and Zinc. In addition, Yerba Mate imparts Fatty Acids, Chlorophyll, Flavonols, trace minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids.

Green tea extract is a herbal derivative from green tea leaves. Green tea is one of the most powerful and potent sources of antioxidants on the planet. This is due to the EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) found in green tea leaves. EGCG is an antioxidant that has the ability to inhibit the growth of cancer cells without harming healthy tissues. It also may be useful in lowering LDL cholesterol levels. Green tea also positively boosts energy levels and supports the endocrine and nervous system.

Ginkgo Biloba has been hailed to benefit the body in many ways. This versatile herb has been used for centuries as a brain tonic that can potentially enhance memory (supporting both short and long term memory), increase reaction times, and improve mental clarity. Gingko Biloba has also been used to treat tinnitus, vertigo, and circulatory problems.