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Life Line #002 – Immune System Support – Pau D’Arco

Happy Holidays

To Our Life Force Family Members,

It seems like only yesterday that we were closing out 2018 and here we are bringing 2019 to a close. Time goes by swiftly and it seems almost unbelievable that we are about to embark upon a new decade in 2020, but we do so with excitement and the knowledge that it opens up the opportunity to impact the lives of so many. We continue to strive to supply you, our Life Force Members, with everything needed to enhance your ability to develop your Life Force business and to succeed in bringing it to new heights by offering the gift of optimal health through the use of the Life Force product line and an exciting business opportunity to enhance your lives.

We are very proud of our new line of Hemp Dynasty products, which started as just a single tincture and has already expanded to an entire array of amazing products. Incredible results are being seen by so many during just the short time since Hemp Dynasty became a reality. 2019 also brought the launch of our brand-new website which has streamlined the customer shopping experience to allow us, and therefore you, to compete in the busy world of e-commerce. Members now have a shopping cart that you can all be proud to send your prospects to. The 2020 new year promises additional enhancements to our product line, and the website will also continue to see improvements being made. We have many plans for the new year and anxiously await the powerful results that they will bring about. There is so much to be grateful for and we are excited and full of anticipation as we leave behind 2019 taking with us the memories and experiences we have had and opening the door to 2020 with the vision we share for an exciting future.

We wish each one of you a blessed holiday season and a Christmas filled with happiness, peace, and sustained health. May you each experience an abundance of blessings and the culmination of your dreams.

With our love and best wishes,

~The Hillman Family

Tis the Season

The New Year brings new resolution, new-fallen snow, and unfortunately, another round of the cold and flu season. Few things are more miserable than battling congestion or a fever while maintaining our busy lives when we should be at home, resting all snug in our beds. Furthermore, nothing is more challenging than avoiding the sneezing and wheezing whenever people gather or the host of germs that could care less if you’ve been naughty or nice this past Christmas season

There may not be a cure for the common cold or the influenza virus, but we would be wise to keep a mindful eye on our nutritional regime even more so during the cold and flu season. Life Force International’s Colloidal Silver and Taheebo were specifically designed for their antimicrobial and pro-immune support properties.

The use of silver has a rich history. In ancient Greece and Rome, people used silver containers to keep liquids fresh. Throughout history, royal families used silver plates and cups to store their foods because they knew that silver particles would act like a natural bacteria defense. Quality colloidal silver is pure silver divided as finely as possible. Life Force International’s Colloidal Silver contains 10 ppm of colloidal silver in only one dropper.

From a time that predated the Incan civilization, shamans of the rainforest have been treating forest tribes with scrapings from the inner bark of the Pau D’Arco tree for common ailments such as colds and fever, as well as fungal infections, skin problems, respiratory problems, snake bites, and even malaria. Today, Taheebo as an ingredient is considered by many herbalists worldwide to be effective astringent with antimicrobial, antibacterial, and antifungal properties In fact, the U.S. Department of Agriculture Phytochemical and Ethnobotanical Database lists the biological activities of lapachol as antiabscess,  antibacterial, anticarcinomic, antiedemic, antifungal, and immunostimulant, to name a few.

Modern research into the possible nutritional and medical benefits of Pau D’Arco is exciting. Several important studies from prestigious institutions such as the Harvard School of Medicine, the National Academy of Science, and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, are researching hoe to make damaged cells undergo apoptosis (a form of cell death) to make way for new, healthy cells by focusing on a derivative of lapachol called B-lapachone. B-lapachone is an important phyto-compund found in only a few species of Pau D’arco.

So before the winter season gets you down, there may be no better time than now for an extra serving of Taheebo and a shot of Colloidal Silver to support your body’s immune system.

Hear the Replay of Our December Corp Call

Warmest Welcome to our New Members!

We thank you all for taking advantage of our industry – leading business opportunity by joining Life Force as Members and enjoying the benefits of our amazing products.

We also thank you for your desire to help others. We hope that your journey will be fun, joyful, successful, and memorable!

6 thoughts on “Life Line #002 – Immune System Support – Pau D’Arco

  1. Anthony Tirri says:

    Very well done

    1. mylifeforce says:

      Thank you very much. Happy Holidays 🙂

  2. Good day.
    We should have more single products that started with 25 B V. a lot of. us are single , to purchase a lot of products just to reach 25 BV is not practical.
    Frantz Pierre
    I D

    1. mylifeforce says:

      Thanks for the feedback. This is a great point, I’m making a note on this suggestion. Happy Holidays 🙂

  3. Tyler Wilson says:

    I enjoyed reading this. Thank you. Is it recommended to use colloidal silver on a daily basis, even if I am not currently sick? I am interested in strengthening my immune system.

    1. Andrew Rosengren says:

      Hi Tyler,
      Colloidal Silver is a great daily supplement even if you aren’t feeling sick. Start the New Year off right and get that immune system in shape!

      Andrew Rosengren
      Customer Service Manager

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