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BENew™ is the ideal nutrition, fitness and weight loss system available for individuals like you who live a busy, active lifestyle and need a more effective, efficient way to become their very best. Every aspect of the BENew™ program is simple, making it a perfect fit for today’s increasingly busy world. In addition to the products in our LifeShift pack, you will receive access to fitness plans, meal guides, and unlimited support via our special Facebook Group.

Make a Swap and Save

 Invite a friend to join you in one of our easy to follow fitness routines instead of meeting for lattes, save $4/day money1
Swap out a fast food drive through breakfast for one of our nutrient-packed shakes, save $5/day money1
 Cook one of our delicious recipes instead of dining out Friday and Saturday, save $50 money1

$199.85 for a month's supply.

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Self Confidence is Priceless

Pounds and inches lost, increased energy, reduced appetite, reduced cravings, and improved skin are just a few of the testimonials pouring in. Below are just a few of the highlighted individuals experiencing rapid results! If they can do it than so can you! Tools to help transform your body and your life!

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To help you achieve greater results with BENew™, we have created customized meal and fitness programs. Chose from traditional, vegetarian or gluten-free meal plans to enjoy satisfying, easy-to-prepare recipes. Then select your ideal fitness plan level, which uses high-intensity-interval-training (HIIT) for maximum results in the least amount of time – not gym membership required!

Plus, we give you a private support website to access your custom meal and fitness plan selections, track your daily progress, and review weight loss goal progress graphs! You can also join the BENew Nation Facebook group for additional inspiration, motivation and support from fellow BENew members.