truegreensMost of us barely eat one serving of greens a day and so miss out on getting valuable antioxidants. Antioxidants are vital in eliminating free radicals that build up in us over time due to daily exposure to things like pollution, sun, electrical radiation, and our body's natural processes of oxidation. Free radicals undermine our cells, hasten aging, and make us more vulnerable to stress.

TrueGreens® helps you conveniently address this challenge with 30 organic and natural-source ingredients including grasses, grains, fruits, vegetables, probiotics, enzymes, and more. It's like a phytonutrient-rich salad bar in a jar!

Concentrated and 100% vegan, TrueGreens can be mixed into any drink, blended into smoothies, sprinkled on food, or mixed into uncooked recipes, making it easier to eat more of your vegetables daily. In fact, one serving offers a greater variety of different fruits and veggies than most may eat in a month

TrueGreen’s contains: •Probiotics to support healthy intestinal and digestive function*
•Chlorophyll, a great cleanser and detoxifier*
•100-percent soy-free ingredients

Did you know? All of Life Force's product bottles and containers are recyclable and BPA free.