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Designed for Muscle Strength and Performance!

30 grams of Protein per Single Serving

Recommended for active teens over 15 years and adults alike.

Our AminoCharge products are made from the highest quality, specially selected and most concentrated whey available on the market (at 80% protein). Our protein is sourced only from dairy cows that have never been fed or injected with any artificial hormones, steroids, growth enhancers or antibiotics.

This superior quality Instant Whey Protein Concentrate (IWPC) is produced via a proprietary filtration process that concentrates undenatured native whey proteins in a highly purified form.

AminoCharge’s vanilla-tropical flavor tastes great as a stand-alone shake or blended into a smoothie. Try pairing it with TrueGreens for a nutrient rich power shake.

I started with just taking Body Balance. In the first 3 months I had lost about 12 lbs. I then added a couple of other Life Force products: AminoCharge Protein Shake, TrueGreens and OsteoProCare. Wow, did things take off then! I continued to loose weight over the next 6 months until I got down to a great weight for me – 25lbs lighter – and here I have stayed for over 6 years! I have great energy and will use Life Force products for the rest of my life!
Francie O. , Corvallis

Instant Whey Protein Concentrate, Sunflower Lecithin, Organic Vanilla flavor
and ****BioCore AminoMate® (Protease, Zinc Citrate).
Whey (derived from milk).
****BioCore AminoMate® PS is a registered trademark of National Enzyme Company.