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Free Body Balance? For you, yes 🙂 Just order a 4 pack or 8 pack from this page, choose Autoship during checkout, and we'll send the next Autoship order for free (you'll just pay Shipping & Handling and tax, if applicable)

You must select Autoship during the checkout process in order to receive the free order next time.

After the free order, regular Autoship pricing will continue after that.

You can cancel your Autoship anytime : ) Not eligible for return/refund.


4 Pack of Body Balance

»  Autoship Price today: $114.01

»  Next order Autoship Price: FREE

»  Shipping & Handling and tax calculated at checkout.


8 Pack of Body Balance

»  Autoship Price: $199.86

»  Next order Autoship Price: FREE

» Shipping & Handling and tax calculated at checkout.

You may also take advantage of this offer by calling Customer Service at 1-800-531-4877. Just mention the “Re-Ignite Offer”.

The phones are open Monday – Friday, 7:00am – 3:30pm Pacific Time.


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