A recap of the important announcement discussed on the September 24th 2020 Corporate Update Call

Along with the rest of the world, we here at Life Force continue to adjust every day to adapt to the challenges presented by the Covid-19 worldwide pandemic. We consider ourselves extremely fortunate that we have been able to remain open as we watch other companies, large and small, go out of business. Considering the severe negative economic impacts of the pandemic, we are very proud of the work we’ve done to maintain our ability to produce and ship our product line, while still fielding your calls to Customer Service, and getting your hard-earned commission checks to you, our Members. Despite all this hard work, there are still mounting challenges in front of us. To ensure that we can continue putting our life-changing products into as many hands as possible, we are in a position where we must make an adjustment to the Compensation Plan.

Several years ago, we developed a method to temporarily reduce the Commissionable Volume on our product line, while avoiding wholesale changes to the compensation plan and qualification requirements. Effective for the October 2020 volume period, we are re-implementing this temporary reduction until further notice.

The BV that you are accustomed to will remain as it is for qualification purposes, it will simply pay out 25% less in commissions, with a few exceptions. For example, your 8 pack of Body Balance will still have 104 Qualifying Volume, which means it will still fulfill all qualification requirements. Every product will still count the same towards those qualification amounts as they historically have. Each product will simply have a 25% reduction in the Commissionable Volume. So if you normally receive 40% commission on a 104 BV 8-pack of Body Balance for a payout of $41.60, you will temporarily receive a 40% commission on 78 of the 104 BV from the 8-pack, for a payout of $31.20.

This will not affect the Fast Start Bonus. On First Time Orders that you enroll, you will still earn a huge 55% Fast Start Bonus on the full BV amounts (104 BV on an 8-pack, not the reduced 78 BV that will be applied to monthly commissions). Additionally, we are giving you two ways to avoid the reduction on your monthly commissions altogether. Any Member that earns the Achiever’s Club Bonus or the Rising Star Bonus will be exempted from the reduction for that month. As a reminder, the Achiever’s Club can be reached by enrolling just 400 First Time Order BV in the month. So if you can average just one new Customer or Member per week on 100 BV, you’ll maintain the full BV payout on every bonus you earn that month, plus have that nice extra payout from the bonus itself.

Also, if you were registered October 1st, 2018, or more recently, you will not be subject to the reduction. So, we hope you will still feel confident in bringing in new Members knowing that this will not affect them.

We hope that this reduction can be as brief as possible. But considering the challenges we continue to face, we thank you for understanding the necessity of this action. Together we will continue to weather the storm brought on by this pandemic, and we will come out stronger on the other side.

~The Life Force Team