With everything going on in the world right now, your family’s health should be a top priority. At the end of the day, that’s all we truly have.

With a sincere and heartfelt hello, I personally want to extend you this one-time offer of our Flagship product Body Balance. As you may have seen on the flyer we sent you in your order, this product has been changing lives for over 30 years. I hope that you’ll take me up on this offer and experience an amazing journey to wellness.


4 Pack of Body Balance

»  Original Autoship Price: $114.01

»  Yours Today For: $67.20
»  Includes Free Shipping & Handling



8 Pack of Body Balance

»  Original Autoship Price: $199.86

»  Yours Today For: $110.88
»  Includes Free Shipping & Handling


This price is only available for the first Autoship order. Subsequent Autoship orders will be at the original Autoship prices noted above, with shipping & handling added. Feel free to cancel anytime : ) Not eligible for return/refund.

You also have the option to place a One Time Order at a modest 10% higher price.

Laurie Mitchell HHC, AADP


“I started consuming Body Balance in 2002 as an alternative to the handful of vitamins I was taking to combat chronic bronchitis. From diagnosis at age 12 every 6-9 months I suffered with bouts of the chronic illness. Thanks to Body Balance and Life Force International I no longer have chronic bronchitis. Now, our entire family consumes Body Balance. “


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